Alessia Cara Gifts Fans With 'A Little More' on Her Birthday

On Tuesday (July 10), Alessia Cara teased her fans with a new song, and on Wednesday (July 11) she delivered. The young pop star celebrated her 22nd birthday today and instead of receiving gifts, she gave one to her fans in the form of "A Little More."

The simplistic love song features just Cara's soulful voice and a delicately picked acoustic guitar. "Hey you, hey mister knock on my door / I'm sorry that I've been emotions galore / Am I crazy for wanting a little bit more / A little more of you," she sings in the vulnerable chorus.

The "Scars to Your Beautiful" singer also shared a video for the song—a collection of home videos she put together that perfectly mirror the genuineness of the track.

Watch the video below.


Cara recently announced a sophomore album, The Pains of Growing, and shared its first single "Growing Pains" along with a beautiful acoustic rendition of the song.

She recently chatted with iHeartRadio about her new chapter both in life and in her career.

"Everything just sort of piled up," she said. "It was my circumstance vs. just being a regular 21-year-old. Internally lots of things were happening [regarding] just confusion of who I was just as a person, but then finding yourself in this really new circumstance. For me, that was the music industry and all the things that come with that. It's a weird thing because in a way you feel like you don't belong to yourself anymore. You feel like there's a piece of you for everybody, which is a great thing because people are connecting to what you're saying, but it also kinda feels like you lose yourself a bit, or at least that was my experience." 

Photo: Getty Images


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