Steve's Food News: Taco Bell Testing a Tostada Served on a Massive Cheez-It

If a Doritos taco worked, I guess this is the next logical step: Taco Bell is testing two new products that incorporate CHEEZ-ITS. Or technically, one MASSIVE Cheez-It. 

The first one is a "Big Cheez-It Tostada" that looks like a normal tostada. But instead of a flat tortilla shell, it's served on a Cheez-It the size of your hand.

The second one is a "Big Cheez-It Crunchwrap" that's got the same huge Cheez-It INSIDE instead of a tortilla shell.

Someone ordering online spotted them on the menu at a Taco Bell in Irvine, California and posted a screenshot. It's not clear if any other locations have them yet, or when they might go nationwide.  (Here's the photo.)


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Glasses of Wine at Restaurants Are Getting Smaller


If you're overpaying to drink wine at a restaurant, you at least want a nice big glass of it. But it sounds like the opposite is happening.

The standard pour has always been five ounces, which gives you five glasses per bottle. But a new report says more and more places are skimping to save money, and doing FOUR-ounce pours to get six a bottle.

If you call them out on it, they might pour you a little extra and act like it's a mistake. But industry insiders say it's often intentional, and they hope you won't notice.

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Taco Bell Introduces New Mango Freeze And New Mango Whip Freeze


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Taco Bell Introduces New Mango Freeze And New Mango Whip Freeze

The guys from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" came out with a whiskey line and are donating the proceeds to bars and bartenders in need. 

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Here's the Recipe for The Rock's Cheat Day Pancakes 




Sure, THE ROCK eats right most of the time. But that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy a good pancake. And now we finally know the recipe used by his personal chef.



It includes all your typical pancake ingredients, plus some unique additions: shredded coconut . . . diced bananas . . . coconut water . . . and coconut milk.



Want to take a guess at how many the Rock can eat? Unfortunately it's nothing TOO crazy. The answer is four.



His chef said, quote, "I make a pretty good-sized pancake, and he can pretty easily get to four on a morning he's in a mood to go in."



She sometimes makes him eight in case he's extra hungry, but she's never seen him finish that.



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Taco Bell restaurant location

Photo: Getty Images

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