Usher Breaks Down Into Tears During Speech At Aaron Spears' Funeral


Photo: Getty Images

Usher was one of several people who couldn't hold back their tears as they said goodbye to the late Aaron Spears.

On Monday, November 20, the Grammy award-winning crooner took the podium to speak about his late friend at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden Worship Center in Maryland last week. TMZ posted a clip of the speech Usher gave to hundreds of Spears' loved ones. He told the crowd that Spears, who was a revered drummer for the singer and other artists, was a hero to him before he broke down into tears.

"He was my hero man," Usher said before weeping at the podium.

"I couldn't let him know how I felt about him enough, but I hope that he saw it everytime I picked up a pair of sticks, and I went to drum and he meant that much to me and he will continue to mean that much to me as a friend... as an amazing force," he continued. "I will always love Aaron Spears and I will always have him in my mind no matter when I'm playing, where I'm playing. I'll always hear his rolls."

Usher also shared some of his favorite memories with Spears before he thanked his music director Valdez Brantley for introducing them. In closing, he left the crowd with one of his cherished moments with Spears. He shared how much the beloved drummer would inspire and encourage him even on nights they weren't performing together.

"He would say man you gonna be alright," Usher added. "He would say tonight is going to be the most incredible night ever!"

The news of Spears' death was shared by his wife on October 30. He was only 47. No cause of death has been confirmed yet. Still, artists like Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and others paid tribute to him.

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