“Number Neighbor” Is The Latest Phone Trend

Folks on are on their phones constantly and few are really connecting to people, but a new trend has folks attempting to connect, but not with anyone they actually know. 

The latest phone craze going around is something called “number neighbor,” in which people send a text to a phone number almost identical to their own, except the last digit is either one up or down from theirs. 

The results though have been mixed, with some folks actually starting a conversation with their number neighbors, and others not so much. There are even brands getting in on the action, and some folks spoofing the trend, like one person who claimed Barack Obama was their number neighbor. 

Still, there are plenty of people totally confused by how this began in the first place. As one person noted, “How did we go from 'don't talk to random strangers on the internet' to 'hey i'm your number neighbor." Check a few out below:

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