Instagram Model Steals an E-Cig & Tries to Make a Getaway in a Lyft

There's a 23-year-old woman named Kate Lamothe from Los Angeles, and she runs a very glamorousInstagram accountthat shows modeling pictures of her, bikini pictures of her, and lots of shots of her traveling the world.

Well, last week, she was visiting Pinellas Park, Florida. And I guess she decided that when in Florida, do as Floridians do . . . and start committing dumb crimes.

So Kate took a Lyft to an Exxon gas station and stole a $43 Juul vaping device. Then she tried to get back in her Lyft . . . but the driver figured out what was up and refused to be her getaway driver. So Kate ordered an Uber instead.

But the cops got to the scene quickly and found her inside of an Uber van in the parking lot next to the gas station. She was arrested for retail theft.

So to add up the millennial clichés, we have an aspiring Instagram model who stole a vape pen and tried to get away in both a Lyft and an Uber. If only she'd been drinking a green juice or asking "What's a newspaper?" the whole time. 

(The Smoking Gun)

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