Jenn & I Have Been Married For 2 Years. MAJOR Events That Happened:

Welp, technically we've been together for 7+ years, but we've officially been married for 2! We got together in sort of an abnormal way..

In the past two years some crazy things have transpired:

  1. Moved to Minneapolis
  2. Got Pregnant
  3. Syndicated
  4. Rekindled the relationship with my absent father
  5. Moved my brother 1,000 miles over to my place to give him a jump start
  6. Started a Podcast
  7. Had a baby
  8. Said goodbye to a long term pet cat
  9. Said Hello to a new kitten
  10. Got a new job at 106.1 KISS FM
  11. Moved to Dallas
  12. Moved into a Different Apartment in Dallas
  13. to be honest there's a lot more but i'm getting lazy at this point and I really don't think anyone cares enough to read this far so if you made it to the end of the list GOD DAMN lets get you a raise and a gift card to Chipotle cause you deserve okay okay okay byeee

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