This Student Makes Hundreds Off Of Videos Of Her Sneezing

The art of the "side-hustle" is a delicate balance, and with the internet almost anything can become a side-hustle if you want it bad enough. This art student was able to monetize videos of her sneezing, so that's where we're at in 2019.

The 19-year-old art student started by doing a drawing of her sneezing for a project, and posted the video so she could use it in her portfolio. After realizing the video had garnered thousands of views and comments asking where they could buy the full video, she realized she could make more money posting videos than she could working her part-time job.

She says she has made hundreds on a four-minute video of her sneezing, and that while she's been asked to do lots of different things, she has been able to "sustain herself off of pretty innocent sneezing."


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