Natasha Bedingfield Remixed "Unwritten" For The New "The Hills" Reboot

Natasha Bedingfield's "Unwritten" instantly triggers nostalgia for me. I think mascara tears, Justin Bobby, and Speidi. If you have no idea what I am referring to, you clearly never watched "The Hills" on MTV in its prime, but we can fix that. The new season of "The Hills: New Beginnings" is set to kick off on June 24th and let me tell you, I. CANNOT. WAIT. It will be interesting to see the dynamic now that they're almost all parents, but I am ready for it. I also love the fact that Natasha Bedingfield decided to update the iconic theme song for the newly updated intro.

I will point out some of my interesting take-aways from the new intro:

  1. Justin Bobby dropped the "Bobby"
  2. Frankie is apparently an official member of the cast and finally made the credits
  3. "Introducing" Mischa Barton??? Um, what?

Check out the updated show open and see for yourself if you get the same nostalgia I do.

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