Louis Vuitton Creates Their Own AirPods and They're Crazy Expensive

I know that you think you're "rich" because you have AirPods but think again!! Louis Vuitton has raised the bar and recently released their own version of AirPods... and not many people could afford them.

AirPods memes are trending all over the internet and you know that people love "flexing" with them on the Gram! But it just got worse (or possibly better) because there's more memes about the Louis Vuitton headphones being better than Apple's AirPods.

Now, if you thought that the $159 (plus tax) that AirPods will set you back is bad, you're gonna cry when I tell you how much the LV headphones cost. Are you ready? The Louis Vuitton headphones cost $995!

Well, Lil Yachty posted a video that basically summarizes this and it's hilarious!


Here's some more AirPod memes that made me laugh!

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Mo' Bounce

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