This Scorpion Found In An Overhead Bin Is A Big NOPE

Imagine this - you're on a flight to Jakarta, Indonesia and people started screaming because there was a HUGE scorpion in the overhead bin just crawling around. Oh and did I mention... it's poisonous! Sounds like a movie doesn't it? Well guess what, It's real.

The Lion Air flight has just landed and a passenger was trying to get her luggage out from the overhead bin when she was greeted by the venomous scorpion. One passenger on board, Karim Taslin told Strait Times that, "When the plane had landed, one passenger was taking their things out of the compartment, that's when suddenly the scorpion appeared above our seat. I was in row 19 with two other passengers, an elderly married couple. When we saw the scorpion above our heads we rushed out as fast as we could."


According to witnesses the creature was a venomous Asian forest scorpion. These scorpions are usually about 5 inches but this one was almost a foot long!

NO THANKS! I'll just stay home!

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