Oreo Fun Facts On National Oreo Day

It's one of the sweetest days of the year, it's #NationalOreoDay and we couldn't be more excited! I love Oreos and it's just another excuse for me to eat some... or the whole package.

If you didn't know they are the world's best selling cookie with over 450 billion Oreo cookies sold since their debut in 1912. Oreos are also available in over 100 countries and different flavors exist around the world. For example, in Japan they have Green Tea Ice Cream and in China they have Raspberry/Blueberry and Orange/Mango.


I think it's only appropriate for me to give you some random fun facts about Oreo on their birthday!

  • Oreo bakeries make over 123,000 tons of creme every year. On this topic, the original Oreo was 29 percent creme and 71 percent cookie!
  • This one blew my mind, there have been enough Oreos that existed to wrap around the world about 381 times... SAY WHAAAAT!
  • Every Oreo has 90 ridges.
  • Oreos were created in the Chelsea Market building in New York.


So my question for you is how do you eat an Oreo?

  • Do you split it and lick?
  • Do you stick the whole cookie in your mouth?
  • Do you bite it in half?
  • Do you dunk it in milk?
  • Do you stick 2 Oreos together and make a sandwich?

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