Here's Your Midsummer Reminder of Grilling Do's and Don'ts!

Ahhh summertime, and what reminds you more of summer than a classic BBQ? While I love to grill, it can never be too late for some do's and don't when it comes to grilling your favorite meats.


Make sure you have enough charcoal and propane... there's nothing worse than running out of cooking fuel when you're trying to feed a bunch of people.

Preheat your grill. If you throw your food on a cold grill it won't get that classic grilled sear. Make sure your grill is nice and smoky before throwing anything on it.

Remember that red meats (steaks, burgers) are cooked at a higher temp for a shorter time than white meats (pork and chicken). Cook them sausages slow and low!

Make sure your grill is CLEAN!! We all know that grease is great for flavor, but grease also is very dangerous and flammable. And COVER THE LID!! It keeps all the heat in and makes sure your food gets a nice even cook.

Remember that ANYTHING is grillable... Grilling isn't just for the meats, Watermelons, bananas, even donuts all taste great after a little time on the grill.


Don't go crazy on the flips! The best, best grilling tip I can give is remember to LEAVE YOUR MEAT ALONE!!! A burger should only be flipped four times, max!! Just leave it alone and let it cook, you'll thank me later.

Don't cut your food to test how done it is, that lets all the juices flow out and ruins the deliciousness you got going on. Instead, invest in a food thermometer!

Don't wear loose clothing, there's nothing worse than getting set on fire because of a flare up.

And one final reminder... Do NOT pour propane directly on the grill like this guy.

Happy grilling!

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