New Netflix Horror Series ‘Typewriter’ Has People SHOOK And Lacking Sleep

In the grand tradition of previous Netflix titles like The Haunting of Hill House, The Rain, Bird Box,The Perfection, Apostle, andVerónica, new Netflix horror series Typewriter is being called so scary that viewers say they can’t sleep after watching it and are afraid to touch their computer keyboards.

If you don't know, now you know,Typewriter is a five-part Indian horror series set in 1983 Goa and “revolves around a haunted house and a book that captures the imagination of a group of wannabe ghost hunters.”

The hunters are three young friends – members of a “Ghost Club” – who are on a mission to capture a ghost that lives in a haunted house in Goa. Unfortunately, for them, and others, a new family moves in to the house and the legend ofThe Ghost of Sultanporeresurfaces.

If it sort of sounds a bit likeStranger Things, that’s because it is a bit likeStranger Things. Just way more scary! Check twitter... people are shook over this show. So it begs the question...will YOU be watching? Peep on the trailer:

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