London's Next Power Couple is...Adele and Skepta???

So you guys know me...I love me some tea. And not that Earl Grey or Green stuff. I'm talking tea. and today's tea actually comes straight from Britain, where we have of the most surprising new power couples to come from across the pond!

According to reports from The Sun, the word around the water cooler is that Adele has been on dates with grime rapper Skepta. Now, if you asked me a few years ago if I saw this coming, hell, even yesterday, I'd say you were messing with me. But friends close to both artists confirm that the two have been on a series of dates, and have actually been close friends, being there for each other during each others' past relationship troubles. The two maintain that their respective kids come first before a 'love life,' but friends close to them say that they hope that the two will eventually end up together, and that they have a very intimate, close friendship. We stan. Oh, we STAN alright.

Does this mean we're getting a collab between the two? Who knows anymore! With these two big Tottenham tots together, really anything can happen.

Photo: Getty Images

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