Top 50 Most Miserable Cities and NJ has 9?!?!

Business Insider came out with a list of the Top 50 Most Miserable Cities in the United States, and I regretfully inform all of my lovely New Jerseyans that there are a good amount of NJ cities on the list this year.

Business Insider compiled the list and based it off of a couple things, such as the poverty in the city, how prone it is to disaster, the crime present, addiction, all that fun stuff. And the list was as interesting as it was surprising. New Jersey can relax, because despite making the list nine different times, the number one most miserable city was not from New Jersey. The honor of most miserable city went to Gary, Indiana, who's certainly seen better times with the city possibly having $1 homes as a way of revitalizing the city. Oof. On the list is Paterson, Passaic, Union City, West New York, Trenton, New Brunswick, Camden, Plainfield, and Newark, who was surprising but not considering the water crisis.

We still love you, New Jersey! And hey, at least we're not California, who has 10 cities on the list, the most on it! Go Jerz!

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