A Sexy Ronald McDonald? Not What I Thought I'd See When I Woke Up Today

Coming off of the great plant-burger battle of 2019, fast food chains are looking for different ways to get people through their doors and eating their food. But McDonald's decided to get people's interest through their new (possibly not) Japanese advertisement which features a...Rauncy Ronald?

Well, actually here's the thing: it hasn't been confirmed that this ad is even real, but that hasn't stopped people from enjoying every part of Ronald. Speculation is that the photo resembles another photo made by a Brooklyn artist, Wizard Skull, and could be his work or someone inspired by it; regardless, we're glad it happened!

The advertisement shows a muscular Ronald McDonald wearing a speedo with some fries in it, and it's incredible. I'm gonna go ahead and call this the Body by McDonald's ad. Yeah, that sounds right!

Twitter was all over this ad and had plenty of fun with the ad! Do you think this new Ronald is dreamy?

Photo: Getty Image

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