What You Do You Call a Gang of Wild Turkeys? Trouble

A Pennsylvania man called the police over the weekend while leaving his garage, as he found some unexpected trouble from some locals. And let me tell you, these weren't some kids looking for trouble. Nay, this was the doing of a trio of tenacious, troublesome turkeys! Gobble?

The man called the authorities at about 8 AM after opening his garage and finding some menacing looking turkeys who came at him in an "aggressive manner." After that, authorities sent the Lake County Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to help the guy out and bring the turkey's elsewhere.

Listen, I know what you're thinking. They're just turkeys, what's the worst that could happen? Well that might be true, but any 3 vs. 1 odds are never good, especially turkeys, who know you ate their dad, Richard. They just want revenge. And they won't stop until they get their revenge.

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