Even If You're Strangers, It's Always Ok to Get the TEA

So here's a scenario: You're recently split up, and your scumbag ex decided to take your crock pot. What a jerk, right? Well, you can't let that slide, not at all honey. You text him back asking him for your crock pot because it's yours and you deserve that quick and easy meal! But...you texted the wrong number. Well, if you're lucky enough, you'll get a text back from a guy like Elamin, who's 100% there for you, girl! I mean, this guy is HILARIOUS!

That's exactly what happened to Suzanne when she tried to get Tom to give her back her crock pot, and when Elamin got that text, he had complete faith in her and hoped she got her items back. But it didn't end there. We love some positive vibes, and so does Suzanne, who after Elamin wished her luck, spilled the tea. That jerk Tom even went as far as to uninstall her toilet as a result of the divorce! What the h*ck!

Taking the crockpot? Ok. Uninstalling the Toilet? Fine! But telling her best friend Cassandra that she doesn't knit anymore! This guy's definitely not coming back, honey. And after every statement, Elamin hit her with positive vibes and encouragement. We love to see it honestly. The positivity and the commitment to the tea has never been stronger!

Here's a couple of

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