Cough It Up, Dad! It's National Transfer Money to Your Son Day!

So we all know that there are thousands of weird national holidays practically every day of the year. National Hug a Plumber Day, National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, National Kevin Day (shoutout to all of my Kevin's, you guys are cool) and National Sausage Pizza Day. But today is an important day: it's National Transfer Money to Your Son Day!

Of the obscure holidays, this one's gotta be one of the best. Especially for my wallet! Cough it up, pops! It's my payday! The RIGHT way to celebrate the holiday is to send your son some of that delicious e-money, Venmo or CashApp are fine, taking him out for dinner, or buying him something off of his Amazon wishlist. Whatever you decide, treat your son! He's been trying his best! It doesn't have an official day on the website, but was just recently designated today! Show me the money!

And don't worry ladies, you have your day too! National Transfer Money to Your Daughter Day was last week, so at least we'll all know for next year! But for now, my dudes out there, make sure to ask mom and dad how they're doing, how grandma is, and after a comfortable amount of time, ask them to cough it up!

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