You've Heard of Monkeys in Space, but We Almost Got Space Turtles??

Some of y'all might not remember, but there was a time where people went up to the moon. I know, right? Well, after that they decided to send some chimps, which made for super cute chimp-sized space suits. But now, China has chosen a new mascot for future space travel: a tortoise!

The Chinese government had plans to send a small species of tortoises to the far side of the moon to see how other animals would respond to the gravity on the moon, which sounds freakin awesome! Little tiny guys! Think about those videos of baby tortoises swimming across the sand on their way to the beach. And now imagine them in tiny little space suits? I'll keep all of them before I let them anywhere near a space ship!

They were set to go, that was until they scrapped the whole thing. They quickly realized that there wasn't enough oxygen to survive a 20 day mission there, which isn't even the full trip to the moon! Definitely would've made good press, but definitely not good for those little guys. China hoped sending them would help with discoveries for future missions, but we'll just have to wonder what if for now.

Fun fact: the first animal to be sent up were fruit flies! What cute space animals are you trying to see on the moon soon??

Photo: Getty Images

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