Have You Ever Seen a Frog Weight Lift? Well, Here You Go, Internet!

Just about every week, the internet has a random, strange video to throw on all of our timelines, and this week, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was a frog. And get this: he's getting SWOLE. Don't sleep.

That's right, he's lifting two potatoes on a stick, which I can only imagine is pretty heavy for a little guy like that, so you know this is just the daily routine for him. Easy stuff, really. How this video came about, no one can really say, but isn't that the beauty of the internet? Don't worry either, because if the potatoes feel too heavy for him, he's got a gym buddy right behind him to help him out. Everyone needs someone else to spot them, and this froggo's got just the man (or amphibian) for the job!

Now that's what I call quality content! Now, maybe I should turn on my lights, get out of bed, and get freakin' HUGE at the gym, in honor of our froggy friend. Not letting a frog put me to shame!


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