From the STUPID Files, We Bring You..."Matty B"

I've heard a BUNCH of dumb arrest stories: robbers robbing a coffee shop while some cops are in front of them, a woman incriminating herself and her husband driving behind her at a DUI checkpoint, you name it. But this has got to be one of the dumbest arrest stories of all time.

An Illinois man was arrested for giving a fake name to officers...while his name is tattooed on his neck. I don't think there's anything else you can do or say other than giving yourself a facepalm. Into a tree. Matthew Bushman thought he was pulling a fast one on the police when he gave them the fake name. He could've given them a thousand different names, and it wouldn't have mattered. Because on his neck, right under his Adam's apple, was "Matty B" tattooed. Authorities arrested Bushman for his outstanding warrant of forgery and now for obstruction of justice.

If you have your name tattooed on your neck and a warrant out for you, you should probably be wearing a turtle neck. And know that your chances of being found by the authorities are like 1000% higher than if you didn't have your own name tattooed. Here's a link; buy some turtle necks, Matthew.

Photo: Getty Images

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