Trudging Through Tuesday? Here's Some Pets in Halloween Costumes!

With Halloween fast approaching, everyone's running around like crazy to find the best costumes! And this year, there's been as many funny costumes as strange ones, like the guy who's drunkenly carried by a much smaller man or the sexy Mr. Rogers costume. But take a break from your browsing, and if you've got a little pup or kitten at home, think about what they're gonna be dressed as this Halloween. Someone's costume is only as good as their pet's, at least that's what I've been told!

Trending on Twitter this week are people's costumes for their furry, little friends, and in my humble, professional opinion...THEY'RE FREAKIN ADORABLE!

We're talking cats in pumpkin costumes, dogs in pineapple costumes, you name it! And not to mention quite possibly one of the best dog costumes of all dressed as Chucky! He's swinging that knife around like CRAZY. You should be scared this Halloween, these cute pets are as deadly as they are cute. What's your dog going as this Halloween? You better not say Ewok or Cowboy, my dog's already got dibs, alright?

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