Security Guard films paranormal activity at cemetery! (VIDEO)

Every job has a risk to it. From construction work to medical professions, there are significant dangers to the job that require care and safety precautions.

But what about the paranormal?? Things you can't necessarily see? Security guard Joshua Runyan protects a cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, and he claims to have experienced his fair share of paranormal activity - so many in fact that he's started to film parts of his job and has captured the unnatural happenings at work!

The videos he records vary from broad daylight to pitch black darkness.

The first video is of Josh having a conversation with a child he cannot see in the mausoleum in broad daylight. Weird.

The second video is of him patrolling at night and seeing the lights in the chapel flicker on and off, then a demonic voice telling him to leave! Scary!

Finally, the third video is of the chapel doors opening and closing on their own.

Do you believe in the paranormal?? I do and I would NEVER work a job like this. Thank you, radio!

*****warning, explicit language*****



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