Family Brings Us The Most Joy In Our Post-Pandemic World, Survey Finds

Happy family taking a selfie with cell phone in dining room.

Photo: Getty Images

Unfortunately for Marie Kondo, tidying up our living spaces no longer brings Americans joy after the year we had.

Comfort Keepers®, will celebrate its 3rd annual National Day of Joy on June 30. The market leader in home care for seniors and adults who need assistance founded the national holiday to "emphasize the importance of individuals finding joy."

So, what brings us joy in our post-pandemic world? Family, mostly.

  • 42% of people surveyed said visiting with family brings them joy, opposed to traveling (37%)
  • Since the pandemic, 4 in 1 Americans now plan to savor every moment
  • 45% of Americans favor seeing loved ones over attending a sporting event (20%) or going to the beach or pool (27%)

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Source: Yahoo! Finance; photo: Getty Images

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