Halsey Noticed A Fan's Tweet & Took Action


I need to set the scene for you. You're driving on the freeway, you're going 99mph in a 70 zone and all of a sudden...cop sirens. You get a speeding ticket, so you take to Twitter after and type this...

"Confession: Driving home from Penn State I got pulled over/given a ticket for the first time ever. When asked why I was going 99 in a 70 I was - dangerously - close to admitting I was banging out to Halsey's new song nightmare."

Halsey totally saw the tweet and responded...


Sure enough the girl posted a picture of the Venomo receipts, $250 "Drive safely!! Heart heart heart."

This is literally the coolest thing ever so I did it! I sent $20 to a listener to buy themself flowers. We should all pass it forward. Thanks for the inspo Halsey!


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